Revel POS integration with Xero
Xero Integration for Revel
API Integration

5.5 is the leading provider of Xero integrations for Revel. Our specialists are able to tailor each integration to meet the unique requirements of your business. Please contact us to discuss how we can assist.

Areas of Expertise

API Integration

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“The 5.5 Degrees Revel & Xero Integration solution compliments our world leading iPad POS system. The 5.5 Revel and Xero integration is the most streamlined and powerful integration for customers using both Xero and Revel Systems. The Integration provides an automated and seamless transfer of Sales Results, Payroll & Purchase data and much more…”

Josh Franklin, General Manager (APAC) – Revel Systems


Sales Data Integration

  • Sales data are synced to Xero through a sales invoice.
  • The period coverage can be set based on the preference of the customer. Could be daily, weekly, etc.
  • Line items such as product sales, service fees, gift cards, tips, payments, GST and other are accurately reconciled to the set accounts.

Enhanced Profit and Loss Statement

We add tracking categories for more efficient comparison in the profit and loss statement:

  • Establishments
  • Product Class
  • Product Category
  • Product Sub-Category

Payroll Data Integration

  • We can sync the time worked of the employees who clock in and out on the Revel POS.
  • Timesheets are created as drafts upon the sync of the payroll and are subject for approval.

Purchase Data Integration

  • Data is synced through a system generated bill.

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