Our Services

Integrations As A Service

We partner with world class software providers to build scalable integration platforms and managed integration services for their clients.

From accounting packages to online ordering systems, we custom-build two-way integrations for you to provide to your clients. We do not only build the systems but we also provide Integrations as a Service, which includes the services of our customer support team.

We have extensive experience of creating innovative integrations in different markets, such as for hospitality service providers, retailers (big and small), financial and accounting products.

Software and App Development

We have a suite of software and apps that brings you closer to your customers. We analyse your business and customise our products to your needs. Whether what you need is a new reservation service, a data visualisation dashboard or integrations for your hospitality business, no task is too big or complex. We:

  • provide customised UX designs, so that your customers love the product;
  • create applications for iOS devices including iPhones and iPads, which your clients would devour; and
  • deliver additional services, such as integrations, to make your app connect with others’ dynamically.

Software Tools

Alongside our products and integrations, we help our clients re-brand and focus their online strategies. When it comes to software and web consulting, we provide and effective solutions. We specialise in:

  • UI/UX consulting;
  • product development and implementation;
  • web and software consulting; and
  • e-commerce.