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We work with some pretty amazing clients, software providers and partners. We build and manage their integrations. We deliver seamless integrations as a service, because, more than ever, systems need to talk to each other. We deliver integrations globally to clients large and small.

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Revel Xero Integration

5.5 is the leading provider of Xero integrations for Revel. Our specialists are able to tailor each integration to meet the unique requirements of your business.

Revel Xero Integration Sydney

“The 5.5 Degrees Revel & Xero Integration solution compliments our world leading iPad POS System. The 5.5 Revel and Xero integration is the most streamlined and powerful integration for customers using both Xero and Revel Systems. The Integration provides an automated and seamless transfer of Sales Results, Payroll & Purchase data and much more…”


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