About Us

Technology has reduced the 6 degrees of separation; to 5.5 degrees! Hence the name.

We are all about data. We love it. We make applications speak to each other with the language of data: we integrate them and provide innovative custom solutions to make data easily-transferable and digestible. We collect, transfer, visualise and use data to improve and grow your business.

Bring your clients closer than ever.

Start it with 5.5 Degrees.

Our Team

Martin Chee


Pouyan Afshar


Pedram Afshar


Karina Aslikyan

Senior Project Manager

Jessica Kang

Project Manager

Colin Douglas

Account Manager

Ivan Fan

Lead Developer

Naveed Ahmed

Lead Developer

Rodolfo Cândido

Lead Developer

Erich Tatsumi

Senior Developer

Joe Chang

Senior Developer

William Wei

Web Developer

Ryan Deng

Web Developer

James Chim

Web Developer

Alvin Manansala

Web Developer

Pamela Calilung

Operations Manager

Jewel Garcia

Administrative Assistant

Our Values

Our values are important to us, so we would like to share them with you.  They are what make us a diverse, cohesive and effective team.  We thrive on ideas; we promote diversity; we grow together.

  1. Do more with less

    “We keep it simple. No fluff and no nonsense.”
  2. Embrace and create change

    “As technologies evolve, so do we. We embrace it, adapt to it, and face our challenges head on.”
  3. Strength lies in our differences

    “We are a diverse team where thinking individually together is encouraged. Our customised solutions attest to this fact.”

5.5 Team